Monday, January 12, 2009

ok, so I have been on a temporary lay-off from work and thought to myself...."I am going to get a million things done in my craft room now! I am going to make a lot of cards and get finished on those two scrapbooks that I started way too long ago." Well, guess what? I can hardly make myself come into my craft room!!! I have been so busy in my house and my lay-off began right before Thanksgiving so that all flew by. I got my tree up and down. The kids came home for Thanksgiving and went back home. The families got together for Christmas and everyone has gone back to work (oh, except for me...I go back on February 2nd), and the time is just flying by. My daughter is getting ready to have her 2nd child in Knoxville so we are preparing to take off and go down there any day now.....we are waiting on the phone to ring as every minute ticks by. She is not due until the 24th but has already had one overnight in the hospital with possible toxemia so they are watching her very closely. That was last week and she is dilating and thinning. Her first baby is only 18 months old so she will probably go very quickly when it all really starts to happen.
Well, I just wanted to drop in so if any of you are checking into my blog, I didn't want you to think I just bailed out completely. I have a lot of pictures in my camera to put in here to share with you all, I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day now that I am not working.....funny how that works, isn't it?! lol
I will be back to share with you very soon so don't give up on me.....