Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Irene!!!

We cannot forget Irene's birthday!! We did Corinne's yesterday and they are twin sisters....Betty had to give Irene her OWN YAY for Betty!!

The blog hop starts at SBS so if you did not start there, please go back to the beginning  and start over...I don't want you to miss anything!!!! You Should have arrived Here from Trudie and after this will hop over to see what Celina has created!!


Start here:     SBS







Here is my creation....hope you like it!!

Happy Birthday, Irene!! I hope you had a truly wonderful day!!! :)


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Corinne!!!!

Hope you are surprised!! Enjoy the hop and I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

So, now to everyone else this is a special blog hop for Corinne's birthday I am sure there are many, many wonderful creations and I hope you enjoy them all. 

You should have arrived here from Lisa's blog but here is the list in case you get lost....

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Birthday tooo youuuuu!!!!!!

Have not posted in a while and what better reason to post than to celebrate Betty's birthday????
I am a bit late for the hop but had family issues to tend to....what is it they say....
better late than never!!!
(whoever "they" are....I never could figure that out but "they" say a lot of stuff! lol)

So.....if you got here from Louise you are spot on! And when you get done checking out my card don't forget to go see what Trish made!!!!!!

Anyway, here is Betty's birthday card....had to take it with my cell so the colors are off a bit but at least it's here now! :-)
(Note to self....find camera tomorrow)

Happy Birthday, Betty!!!!!! 

Hop list:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Release of the DARK BETTY'S!!!!!

OK, so this is my first ever hop and it has come to it's end :o(
but....I had SOOOOO much fun with it!! :o)
This release was so much fun and I never thought I would do what I did....and that was to buy the "secret release" without having a clue what they looked like! It was as Forrest would say "like a box of chocolates" because we had no idea what we were going to get....but they were all GREAT!!!!
 If you would like to purchase these images in rubber go HERE but you will want more than just these, so don't say I didn't warn you! 

So, now on to the hop....if you got here from Ashley's Blog you are right where you need to be. 
If you arrived from anyplace else, you can go to SBS Blog and start from the beginning (which is the next stop after me anyway, because I am the end of the hop!!.) 
Trust will NOT want to miss any of these gorgeous creations!!
Here are all 6 of my creations....ENJOY!!

I begin with Betty Green Sistah.....
(I thought I better add that I put her on a book...
her book of spells....the hubby didn't see the book and
I thought it was I thought I would put it out
 Next up: Betty Little Munster
Meet Betty Little Dark Homemaker:
Watch your back with Betty Little Dark Mistress (lol):
Betty Purple Sistah has the potion you need:
And last, but not least, Betty Red Sistah...
(gotta watch HER sister...she is the wicked one! haha):
Well, I hope you enjoyed my creations. Once again, you can go back to Betty's (SBS) Blog and start from the beginning if you missed anything. 
Sad to say this is until later....Happy Stampin' !!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Secret Release Preview Day 5....

Wow!! Day 5 already!! I missed Day 1 so I will post that on last day, the release day, October 12th, when you all can buy these little beauties in rubber!!
These are all SBS images....and they are all VERY cute. Betty has outdone herself, once again!!
This little beauty is called Red Sistah Betty so I thought it fitting to put her in a blood red dress :o)

If you got to my blog from Kelly's blog you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
If you got here from a different route, you MUST go back to the beginning on SBS blog and start from the beginning because you do NOT want to miss any of these gorgeous creations these ladies have worked on to share with you!!
TA-DA!!!!! Here is my creation for the day!! Hope you like it! 



Now, as I said, here is the link to Beth's blog so make sure you stop and see her....and leave a little love in a comment....
that is what we live for on these

This is what I used:
Hair: YG17, YG13, YG11
Skin: E02, E01, E000, R11
Eyes: B05, B02, B00
Dress & Ribbon: R89, R59, R39
Cape: N10, N8, N6
Cauldron: C8, C6, C4
Added Firefly stickles to her hair, snake eyes, and "stew", stamp is "If You Think" from Impression Obsession, and all cut-outs from my Cameo. 

I hope you enjoyed what everyone has created so far....and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the entire hop with the new secret release!! And don't forget tomorrow you can buy these little beauties in rubber!!
Thanks for dropping in so until later....
Happy Stampin'  !!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Layouts...Avery is 3 and Nag's Head 2012-Jayde...

OK....I am not really a scrapbooker so I got some help for my layouts through a layout book and from PageMaps. I have decided I really liked scrapbooking and I think I need to do more of

This is my grand daughter, Avery's, 3rd birthday. 

This layout is Avery's big sister, Jayde, from their 2012 beach vacation.

I left journaling blocks on each layout and think I will do that for every layout for them.
I miss those babies so much :o(
Until later....Happy Stampin' !!

Secret Release Preview Day 4....

One day closer to the big release! If you didn't get these beauties in digi form, they will be available in rubber beginning the 12th of October! Today we are showcasing a SBS (Simply Betty Stamp) called Purple Sistah Betty and she may be my favorite one....hard to pick just one, though :o). 

If you arrived here from Kelly's blog you are right on track!! If you arrived here any other way, you can go back to the beginning on SBS blog and start fresh so you don't miss a thing!!

Here is the entire lists of bloggers if you get lost somehow:

Without making you wait any is my newest creation:


Now you MUST go to Beth's blog to see what she has created for you!!

This is what I used today:
Hair: E37, E35, YR23, Y23, Y15
Eyes: B24, B23, B21
Skin: E02, E01, E000, R11
Lips: E04
Potion bottle: YG17, YG13, YG11
Dress: YR18, YR16, YR12
Cape: T10, T8, T6
Shoes: Y8, T6, T4
Kitty: C4, C2, C0 R11
Also used stickles...(surprised, aren't you!! lol) Diamond on the dress and cauldron feet, Crystal on the cauldron contents, Star dust for the eyes, and Firefly on the potion bottle.
All cut-outs done with my Cameo...including the writing on the tag (love that machine!!)

Ok, that's it for today...hope you enjoyed my creation....and I really hope you hopped to everybody elses blogs to check out their creations!! 
I will be back tomorrow, so until then....
Happy Stampin' !!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Secret Release Preview Day 3....

Wooo Hooo!!! Day 3!! It has been so long since I actually made cards, I forgot how much I like doing So, this is the 3rd day of previews for SBS. A little vixen, this one is...and I love it!
If you have arrived here from Kellys blog, you are right on target. If you got lost along the way or just jumped in right in the middle, you can go back to the beginning to SBS and start can figure out where you are and take it form there. Here is a list of the other participants for the hop: 

Now that we got all of that out of the is my creation...hope you all like it!!

the front:

the inside: 

Now don't forget to go to Beth's blog and check out what she has created for you!!

I used:
Hair: E09-07-11-93
Eyes: YG17-13-11
Clothes: BV08-04-02
Skin: E02-01-000 R11
Lips: E04

All cut-outs were done on my cameo except the web at the top...that is a Martha Stewart punch called deep edge punch Spider Web (and I cut it in half). The spider is off of a Jolee set. I dressed up my snake with some stickles (gotta have some sparkle somewhere!!)
Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see the next preview!!
Until then....Happy Stampin'...!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Secret Release Preview Day 2...

Wooo Hoooo!!!! I am finally getting drug out of my box and joining in on a blog VERY first one!!!! I am excited and nervous...yes, nervous....because I know there are so many talented card makers out there. I love to color images, but I just color and keep coloring. I cut them out and they lay in a pile for a card....someday. Now I have to actually make cards and let you all see them!! But I am excited to be doing this with Simply Betty's Secret Release!! 

There are many talented ladies in this group and if you came here from Kelly's Blog, you are on the right path. If you did not get here from Kelly's blog, go back to the beginning: SBS (Simply Betty Stamps) Blog so you do not miss a thing! Believe do not want to miss any of the gorgeous creations from these ladies!! 

Without further adieu, I will share my creation.....hope you all like it!!!!

The front of my card: 

The inside of my card: 

Now that you have seen mine, keep going to see Beth's Blog...I am sure you will NOT be disappointed! 

All cut-outs except for the fence were done on my Cameo. 
The fence was cut from a Martha Stewart punch: Iron Fence with bat punch
My image is from Simply Betty Stamps. 
Copics used:
Eyes: YG17-13-11
Hair: 100, N10-8-6, C3
Dress: N10-8-6
Lips and Handle: R59-56-22
Stem: YG67-63-61
Flower: V09-06-01
Skin: E02-01-000 R11
Pruner: C 4-2-0

I added a bit of glossy accents to the windows and blades of the pruner and a bit of stickles on the rose. 
Come back soon and don't forget to go visit Beth! 

Until later...Happy Stampin'...!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

sizzix plates...

Someone posted in a group that I am in on FB about their Sizzix plates. She was asking about the plates leaving marks on her cardstocks she was cutting. Well, let me tell you from experience, this happens with worn out plates that need replaced. 
I have been using these same plates for about....ummmm....I am going to guess about 4 or 5 years maybe. Hard to remember exactly but the were the original ones I had with my first Big Shot. It then got the Bog Shot Express and now have the Vagabond, so they have seen their better days but thought I would share what they look like....and yes, I still use them but I think when I emboss I will use a new plate for that side so I don't get all of the wrinkles in my cardstock. 

This is one side.....hahaha!!

 The flip side....
(and the black? yeah, it is ground in cardstock!)

And the reason for the 5 hour energy sitting on the corner? So you can see how wrapped they are!!
hahahahahaha.....But I still use them!
What do you think? time to replace them yet? 
I think they are still good for awhile (and yes, I have new ones I just think I can still use these...)

Happy Scrappin'
....Sharon :o)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Komen walk...

Two of my sister, Carol and Sandy, walk in the Susan G. Komen's "Race for the Cure" every year in Toledo, Ohio. They dress identically when they go on this walk. Over the last year, I learned how to make scarves and was walking through a store and saw the prettiest pink yarn. The shades of pink and white exactly matched their outfits! I snapped some up and made them some scarves to wear this year!! When I told my Mom, she expressed her desire to have one, also, so I got the knitting needles flying and made 3 of them. 
They were so excited when I gave them to them!! I told them since I can't walk due to my knee replacement, I definitely wanted some pictures of them all dressed up and ready to go!!

Here they are with their scarves....

You can see more information about that HERE if you are interested in this, or any other walk or run.

Until later.....Sharon :o)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Balloon Tutorial....

Meant to have this done earlier but with my end of quarter for summer (which was insane) and me getting a total knee replacement, it got put by the wayside for a bit, but I finally got it done! I used Copic markers and will list all of the colors I used for the balloons at the end of the tutorial.
So, without further it is!!

Steps 1 & 2:
I didn't take a pic of step 1....That is to take a regular pencil and lightly draw in the rest of the balloons. 
Step 2 is to color in the knot of the balloon and the edges with the darkest color of that this case I used V17.
Picture a balloon and notice how the edges are always darker than the center since the light cannot come through the edges the same way it comes through the middle.

Next use the next lightest color V15 and color in more of the balloon while leaving the center uncolored. 

 Using the lightest color V12, color in the center and blend all the colors together. 
Start coloring another balloon...coloring the knot and the edges. I did not color the edge where the purple balloon overlaps since the purple balloon is actually covering the edge that would be dark on the pink balloon. I used RV55 for the darkest pink.

Color in more of the center with the lighter pink RV52.

 I finish up the pink balloon with RV00 for the lightest center and to blend the other colors all together. 

 Next I color the green balloon starting with YG17. With this balloon I colored all the way around the inside using thinner lines where the overlap of balloons are. I just wanted you to see you can do this and it will still look ok if you use light colors and thin lines. 

I used YG13 for the lighter green.

I have went and colored all of the other balloons but you can see how the green looks a bit darker by the yellow, pink, and purple balloons where I added the darkest color all the way around the edges. give the see-through look of the balloons. take the lightest color of each set of colors and color on the light pencil marks you have already put in. Lightly color on the balloon that is over the balloon under it....color almost all the way to the edge leaving the edge the original color of the balloon on the top. You will see how it will add just a slight bit of color on the balloon on the top and make it appear as if you can see though the balloon to the balloon that is floating behind it. I then took a white gel pen and colored in the reflection marks to cover up any spots that I went inside the lines.

Practice on some balloons before you color the entire image....just in case you are not happy with them. 
You can always email me if you have any questions. 

Here is a pic a little farther away.
My image is a digi from Mayzy Art called Bibi Balloons

Copics used:

Blue: B00-02-05
Yellow: Y11-13-15
Orange: YR61-65-68
Green: YG11-13-17
Purple: V12-15-17
Pink: RV00-52-55
Blue Green: BG70-72-75

Have fun coloring....I am going to finish up Bibi so I can share her completed. she is all colored up and ready to be placed on a card!!
Thanks for stopping by! :o)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Booby Love....

This is an entry in a Saturated Canary and white with one color allowed. 
She is called "Booby Love" 
I am going to make a couple cards for 2 of my sisters that walk in the Susan Komen walk every year.