Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gypsy Contest.....

I made a lay out for the Gypsy contest. This is my granddaughter, Jayde. I am making an abc scrapbook for her. The pages will rhyme with each other....like a and b will rhyme....c and d will rhyme, etc... So, this is the  "S" page and it rhymes with the "T" page. Together they will read "S is for smile to chase away your woes" (turn the page) "T is for ten, tiny fingers and toes." On the "T" page I have pics of her feet and fingers from when she was 3 days old. I have a ways to go on it, but thanks to the challenge, I have one more set of pages done!!

This contest is open for voting until midnight October 29th. Go here to vote for my layout:

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I think this one my be my favorite of my latest cards....I don't know because I really like the last one, too....
But this was made with one stamp. (Oh, the "Hello" is a different stamp). I stamped it, then stamped the butterflies again, colored them in and cut them out. I pulled up the wings to make it 3-d....turned out very nice! (I always shock myself when I really like something I make...lol)

More new stamps.....

I really love this card! Iused 4 different stamps to create it. Everything is cut out and put on the background stamp. It took me forever (at least it seemed like forever) to cut out those flowers!! Cuting around those leaves was very tedious, but worth it, I think  :)


I reall didn't like this stamp at first, but now that I am stamping with it and coloring it in, I love him!! He is so cute!! I don't know why I didn't like him.....

Star Box

This is my very first star box....I could not believe how easy it is to make!! I made it with a gift tag on it so all it needs now is a present!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Another snowman image. I changed it up a bit. The other one I made for the store had some off color markers in it so I did another one with different color markers to see how it would turn out.
What cha think??

Winter Card

I hate winter....worse with every year. Probably because I am getting older and I just hate driving in it now. It was fun when I was younger....probably because I thought I was invincible and had no fears...now it is just a pain.
But, I still love to make wintery cards! So, I hope you enjoy this one!!
Sorry, they didn't turn out very well in the pics....the card stock is all shimmery and is VERY pretty in person!

Monday, October 19, 2009


I love this card! This has to be one of my favorites, I think. I love these stamps, they are so cute and fun to color.


This is something else I made for the LSS. This card was stamped on the entire card for the background. I made the stem from a branch cut out and the flowers are poinsettas. I just folded them to make them 3-d. The leaves were made from the same flowers. I just smooshed ink into them and cut them up.

Snowman card

I have been making samples for my LSS for her open house which is next weekend (October 24th and 25th). This is a snowman card I made....love the little snowman!! Colored him in with markers and stamped and heat embossed the words.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is a card I entered for a contest....I came in 3rd :( but that is better than not winning aything! I love this card!!