Monday, November 23, 2009

Snowman Card

I didn't actually make this card....I just colored in the image! My friend, Susie...the owner of my LSS, actually put the card together. This is my next project at the store!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jennifer McGuire Holiday Cards....

Here are the cards from the 2nd class today......

This is a treat bag....I love these cute and sooooo easy to make!!

I made this one on the dark side, but I think it would make a good man-card.

This card is it!!! AND the scarf is made out of a folded $20 bill (fake here but makes a really cute idea to give money!!!).

She turned this card outside in. Very cute idea! She made this by stacking stamps to shape a tree! (This was an extra card she gave us to take home and put together).

Very cute card....I love the colors in this one. The middle circle was actually stamped with pearlized water and it pushed the ink out of the way....I love the look of it.

This next card is a gift card holder....VERY cool!!!! The middle part on the front of the card is actually a slot to put the card in....I love this!! (And, no, that is not a real credit card....used to be a long time ago....I save all of that kind of stuff to use as props).

Jennifer McGuire....again!!

I went to another Jennifer McGuire class today....well, actually 2 of them. She was teaching in Columbus (Ohio) at a big weekend crop. Her classes did not fill up...GASP!!! they opened them up to the public....Yay for me!!!
The first class was a technique class and the 2nd was Holiday cards. I will now share my creations!!
These were from the technique class:
She gave us 2 butterfly's for this card so we could choose which one to use.....I elected to stack them and use both!

This card opens 1 inch from the edge...hard to see it in the pic. We pearlized the butterfly so I took a close up of that so maybe you could see it better.

The card opens right above the striped cardstock. I never wanted this flower stamp but now I think I "need" it....haha.

This one has a circle cut-out on the front of the card. I like how you can see the sentiment through the circle but it's on the inside of the card.

This one opens 1 inch from the edge, also. I took the 2nd picture trying to show you that.

I love this card. I like the shape of's so different!!