Friday, August 30, 2013

Heeeere They Are!!!!

There was a little switch-a-roo on the dates that I was planning on shoeing you the rest of the NEW Trick or Treat Teens from SBS.....but WAIT NO MORE!!!! Here they are!!!! 
Oh, before I show them to you, I want to remind you where you can purchase these little beauties!!
Simply Betty is where you get them!! (or SBS as we fondly call them!)
They come in digi or rubber so there is something for everyone!!

Broomstick Betty

Captain Jude

Miss Batty Rio

Betty and Chris Vampy Couple

Mrs Bettle Juice

Little Ghost Jude

Skeleton Miller
I merged these 2 images onto one card-
Count Chris and Countess Betty

Fluffy Monster Christian

Meowie London

I hope you enjoyed my get on over to SBS and but them!! (you know you want to!!! lol)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

50's time!!!!!

Hi there!!! I am participating in a challenge for SBS on the SCC blog. After you look at my creation, make sure you go to the SCC blog and look at all the other great creations made by my fellow DT members!!!
My challenge is to make it 50's style.
 That was a tiny bit before my time, but I did grow up in the 60's and my 8 brothers and sisters all saw a t some of the 50's so I am very familiar with it and might I add, I loved that era!! It was a time for sock hops, poodle skirts, bobbie socks, and saddle shoes....sigh....what a great time! 
My challenge was to be with Greaser Christian. He is fab and a Fonzie-type greaser so I had to give him Fonzie's "Aaaaeeeyyy!!!!" lol. This was a fun card to make. You can find Greaser Christian in the SBS store right here. He can be purchased in digi as well as clear rubber. Don't forget to check out the others as well. 
Here is my challenge card: 

Greaser Christian

Friday, August 23, 2013


It is getting close to Halloween and that is when Betty Queen of Halloween Roberts really comes to life!!!! This is one image of her first (of many I am sure) Halloween releases!
This is just one of 12 of the Trick or Treat Teens and they are ALL FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!
So, I would like to introduce you to :

Lola Kruger

Is she just not FABULOUS???? This is just one of  6 being previewed MUST go to SBS Blog to see what the other DT members have to show you!!
OR.....You can click on the links below and go straight to eveyone's blog but still go to SBS Blog to see the entire release and get the links for purchase of rubber or digi images!!








I will be showing the rest of the release on August 23rd and 29th by splitting up the remaining 11 images and showing them half and hald on those dates, so come back and see what I have I do with them!!
And don't forget to go to SBS store to get a set of these little trick or treaters!!! You will NOT be sorry!!
Until later...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Battle Begins....

Who is going to win this roller derby challenge??
Do you remember back in the day when roller derby was on tv? I remember it very clearly. Those girls would seem to beat the crap out of each other. Thinking back, I wonder how fake or real it was. I would like to see some of it today just to laugh at the
Fast-forward......2013 and the wonderful world of digi images. 
Let me introduce you to the 2 contenders for the roller derby title....
In lane 1 is Bonnie Skullhead from The Skullhead Babes....
and in lane 2 is Kitty Paw Vultura from The Vulture Knockouts. 
Who is going to win this challenge?????
Better yet, how do you join in?
All you have to do is go to SBS blog and get all the details....these images are free for now so get them and join in on the fun!! YOU ONLY HAVE 24 HOURS FROM THE ORIGINAL POST HERE..... introduce my Derby Queen contenders....

Bonnie Skullhead

Kitty Paw Vultura

I had so much fun with these images!!!! Come and join in!! May the toughest broad win!!! LOL
And don't forget to go check out the 2 DT's work!!

The Stamping Chef DT:

Jackie Randolph (aka Jacki R)

Katrina Nocturnal Benton

Kerrie 'Kezzla' Brown

Suzi McKenzie

Zoe Bennett-Morton

Judith Culham-Elsdon

Pam Hicks

Bettina Leikvoll

Kate Edwards

Laura Davidson

Marji Franklin

Lisa Bedigian

Zenita Smith

Summer Hills-Painter

Erin Fairclough 









Until later....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

SBS School Teens Part 2...

Here are the rest of the school teens I had the absolute pleasure to color and create with! 
These images are just so always! These images are half of the School Teens release from SBS (Simply Betty Stamps) and you can purchase the entire line HERE and they are actually called "Back 2 School 2013"
You can go to the SBS Blog and get a look at the other DT members creations....and make sure you keep checking back as we all get different release dates so they won't be there all at once...they are ALL a MUST SEE!!
Without further they are!!

Hope you enjoyed my creations....
Until Later...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SBS School Teens...

Welcome! This is half of the new school saw one yesterday, so here are 3 more. You will get to see the other 4 on the 20th when I reveal what I have done with them. These are so cute...and some great options for making cards for your students or their teachers. 

This first image is called "Teacher Pet Jude"...he is just so cute with the little blushed cheeks. 

This image is called "Lunch Break Miller" (he is making me

And last (but not least) is "Get Going Lola" She so reminds me
 of me when I was in school....hahaha

Hope you enjoyed these images and don't forget you can purchase any or all of them on SBS store site
You can also go to the SBS blog daily and see what all the other DT members have created with their images.....there is a LOT of talent on this DT!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teacher, Teacher...!!

This project is my challenge project for SBS. The topic is something for teacher. I decided to make Prom Queen Rio (which can be purchased HERE) into a prom Queen with a #1 Teacher sash. All teachers like to be told they are number one, or the favorite teacher EVER, so I thought this fit. 
She was a blast to color, too!! I LOVE the Chuck Taylor's with the formal gown!!! HAHAHA
I hope you enjoyed my project....oh, and go to the SBS Challenge Blog to check out what the rest of the design team came up with for their images 

Until later.....

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Good -vs- Evil...

This is for the SBS Facebook challenge. This was especially fun to do!! Corinne, I DO love you but I absolutely could NOT resist this one. 
Sorry the quality of the picture is not the greatest. I guess that is what I get for finishing at 2:50 am and have no good lighting. BUT...I got it in before the deadline so THAT is the main thing. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Chris.....the Science Guy

SBS is releasing a School Teens line and are they ever cute!!!!!!!!!
My first project is Chris the Science Guy. He was a blast to make. The test tube is the actual card (it is not on a white base of any kind). I love making shared cards and this was a no brainer! 
Make sure you go to SBS Blog to see what everyone else has won't want to miss these!
I am to going to ramble on and on so, here he is....
Chris the Science Guy...