Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Altered Ring Box...

I keep everything. I need to stop doing that and I am trying. I am a hoarder....but NOTHING like what is seen on tv....not even close to that. That is so unimaginable how some of those people live. But, anyway, I always keep my ring and jewelry boxes inside the little cardboard boxes. I have decided to get rid of some of them but instead of thowing them away, I am going to alter them and take into my LSS and let her have them for displays! SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!

Honey Pops...

Ever hear of Honey Pops from Inky Antics? I never did until Mega Meet.....and now I know....they are SOOOOOOO cute!!!!! I got 3 stamp sets and some various honeycombs to go with them. If you do not know what I am talking about....prepare yourself!! (the elephant is my favorite one, though) :o)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

House Mouse....

I love House Mouse stamps, although I have very few of them. Thought this one was really cute and I could not resist!!
I also love coloring with Copics....Going to have the opportunity to take a couple classes with Suzanne Dean....and I am Psyched!!!!! I can color just fine with my Copics....but I always have room for improvement and it will be so nice to see her techniques. And, I know I have a lot to learn from her!

Coloring Hair.....

Been practicing on my hair coloring.....the end results....

Light Blond

Dark Blond


Dark Brunette

Very Light Blond

Light Brunette