Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Copic Advanced coloring....including skin and hair


Start by laying down the darkest color (G02) using light, "flicking" strokes

Start blending by going over the darkest color and start flicking
 out a bit farther with the middle color (G00)

Continue with the same technique using the lightest color (G0000) until you are happy with the
 blending and you do not see the brush strokes from the previous colors.

Using the same technique start with the next color (YR23)

Now using the middle color (Y23), blend over
 the darker color and go out a bit farther.

Finishing up with the lightest color (Y15) blend over all
colors to blend them nicely and give a smooth finish.


For a light complexion, I start with E01 and flick
in around the edges and around the hairline.

Continue and bland with E0000. Put a little R11 to the cheek areas and blend out with E0000.
(See next picture to see how it blends in with a little pink in the cheeks).

Start by laying a VERY light line down where you want the highlights to be
....this will remind you not to color in dark in that area and give you a guideline.
I start color with the darkest color (E49)...I also use R11 to
give the lips a pink tint.

Blend out a bit with the middle color (E47)
being careful not to go too far into the "highlight" area.

Finish coloring with the lightest color (E25) and blend the colors together.
This is the finished image.

Sorry everyone....I was having trouble with my browser not being compatible with Blogger anymore....
so, following is the step by step to put the card together.....

This is your pieces....4 of everything except the 3 3/4" Kraft pieces, you will have 8 of those. 

I put white dashes on the score lines so it is easier for you to see them....this is placed so the textured side is up (the outside of the card).

You can fold in half first if it is easier to follow, but then fold UP the diagonal flap.

Here is the view with the diagonal folded up...

Put adhesive on the diagonal flap ONLY!!
The 4" black square goes on this flap. I do not have picture of the step-by-step of the kraft pieces, but I will step you through them. 

After you adhere the black 4" square, ink up the edges of the kraft.....also, ink up the embossed piece so it stands out. The 3-3/4" kraft pieces are the base for BOTH the inside and the front of your cards. The PLAIN 3-1/2" kraft square goes on the inside, the embossed 3-1/2" square goes on the front. Make sure to pop-dot something on your circles so the card has something to catch on. How I did it was to put adhesive on the large circle and place it down flat lining up the edges in the bottom corner. I put the stamped kraft circle and black circle together flat and pop-dotted on the black piece so the card will rest against the black circle.
I hope you all enjoyed the class!!
(Sorry it took me so long to get this darn blog figured out)
Happy coloring!!!! :o)

Beginner coloring with Copics....

Begin by layering the darkest color (V17) using a "flicking" technique.

continue using the same technique and layer in the middle color (V15)

finish up by using the lightest color (V12) and blend all the
colors together so you have a seamless blending of colors.