Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jennifer McGuire class

The first pic is a given....Jennifer McGuire and I. She is so tiny and I am....wellll....not so tiny! But really, she is very tiny and VERY sweet!!!

The green, flower card is one of my favorites. I made a HUGE blunder on it but will not point it out to you. If you notice what it is, you notice it. It was too late to fix it once I caught it and I am not going to give it to anyone anyway. I never give my class cards away...EVER. It is still one of my favorites we made....if not my very favorite one!
Her little boy, Colin (I think he's 3) helped on this card. She had a video on her blog of him and his Daddy rounding the corners off of some cards for a class. She asked if anyone saw the video and I said I did (of course I did, I check her blog EVERY DAY...LOL) she said this was the card they were punching. He is the cutest little boy!!
Anyway, on to the card....she cut the edge off and we re-attached it to the edge. The flower stem is cut from the Silhouette, the loops are a Martha Stewart punch (love it!....and already bought it!!!) and the background stamp has a story of it's own. She found a letter her grandfather wrote to her grandmother. It was written in German. Her mother translated it and she said it was all very respectable. She took it to work (Hero Arts) and they made a stamp out of it....that is the background to this card!!! How cool is that??????? I think the proper name is Old Letter Writing.

My next favorite card is this blue and brown card. we used a cling stamp and perfect pearls on white cardstock. Stamped in versamark, dusted with perfect pearls and misted with water to set. Sanded the background a little to bring out some white in the cardstock and embellished. The 2nd pic is a close up so you can see the design of the stamped image and the 3rd pic is actually how the card opens. I really like this card, too. Very cool!!!!

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