Saturday, September 12, 2009

Clear Stamps FYI

Ok, this is an FYI that I received from someone who knows stamps. I am not going to mention names because I do not have the specifics of what she said.....I was busy creating cards. So, I can only say bits of what I heard her say and take from that what I you are not getting the complete explanation of what was said.

What I took home with me was this....not all clear stamps are created equally.

This was an FYI and we could do anything with this information that we wanted to do with it.
But, if you want to get a good clear stamp, I would recommend you make sure the stamp is made in the USA. Now, I cannot tell you every stamp NOT made in the USA is bad, but IN MY EXPERIENCE EVERY CLEAR STAMP I HAVE EVER PURCHASED NOT NOT MADE IN THE USA IS JUNK.
I have always got so frustrated with clear stamps....the ink always pooled up on the matter what I did. I tried priming them, sanding them, cleaning them...everything. The ink still pooled on the surface...I still got a mottled image when I stamped. I finally threw them aside and gave up on them.
Then I would buy a clear stamp, hold my breath, use it and it would be a perfect image!! I didn't get it. Same ink, same cardstock....what is the deal????
Now I get it.
The FYI.....Stamps outside of the USA are made of a different composition than the ones inside the USA are made of. This composition makes the ink pool on the surface of the stamp ....when we were told this, she actually told us what the stamps were made out of....sorry I was not listening better....wish I would have been, but, like I said, I was making cards :) I listened enough to hear her say some of the companies that make stamps within the USA and I know Technique Tuesday was one she said....and that was a stamp I had bought previously and thought hard about getting because I was making a card for my sister...a very important card..... I was very worried about the outcome......and it was beautiful! I was shocked at my stamped image!! Hero Arts clear stamps are gorgeous, too. And I have maybe one or two others that I like....I have very few.
However, I have many I hate..... When I got home from that class, the first thing I did was flip them over to see where they were made and every one of them were made outside of the USA!!!!!!!! I just stood there looking at them.
So, I am here to tell you.....all clear stamps are NOT created equally and I will now only buy USA made clear stamps (and I don't care how much I like them!). I am sorry to not give others a chance but stamps are too expensive to try out and be stuck with junk.....I have enough of those already.
I know there are probably ways to get around these problems, but I just want to grab my stamps and stamp. I don't want to prep or mess with my stamps to get them to stamp good images. I want to slap them on a block, ink them up and stamp my image! THAT is the way it is supposed to be!
Happy Stampin' !! And remember......this is just my opinion...... :)

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Katherine said...

thanks for info - now I have good understanding why my 'made in Taiwan' set seemed like such a steal for cheap price... I have several Technique Tuesday sets that are excellent, but I'll be cautious. Like your honest info - fellow addict (also forced to work full time)... :) -jk elliot