Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Crazy for Copics....Crazy for Copics!!!!!

OK, I just upgraded this post on July 4th, 2013 to show where I am now! lol

Ok, yes, I know that I am officially addicted to these markers. They come in 334 colors and I think I have 302 of them. But I see that they need more colors. I am not happy with the yellow selection for sure. They need more yellows....and greens.....and oranges.....lol

Anyway, I went from this......
(November 15, 2009)
to this......

(March 8, 2010)

TO THIS.......!!!!!
(March 18,2010)

Then to THIS!!
(July 4, 2011)

quickly changed to this color and had it completely filled up 
(July 25, 2011)

I now have THIS!!!
(June, 2013)
 This shows a lid so things can be stacked on the top for portability. 

This is a view removed from the tote sitting on the table. 

This is the view I will use from my craft table as the rack will sit on it's side....VERY versatile!!!!!

(The following is from the original post and I am leaving it as it brings a smile to my face!! lol)
I love these markers, but I am out of room....I have to be able to fit the rest of them in this carrier. I have nothing else to tote them around to my classes with. There is a little room in some of the little boxes and I have room on the end.....just hope it enough for the rest of the markers!! Oh, and this tote has a lid that snaps on....LOVE IT!!!!


Tona said...

I have copics marker envy lol. I only own a few.

Unknown said...

WOW!!! How awesome. Thanks for sharing!!

Sharman said...

So this is one of those 31 (? lol not sure of the number) container? You used your grids inside of it? Good idea Sharon. Thanks for sharing.

Katya said...

LOL can I say I love them all! I currently have mine all over the place... LOL well not really all in one box but in baggies or tiny boxes in the own color families. It's a drag to move them around. Thank you for sharing yours with us! You're a cool crafty pal ;)

Corinne said...

you are HYSTERICAL... how many more do you have to get???

DistinctiveLMNts said...


Claret Belle said...

Love this post! Seems like yesterday I started my collection and I love them but have neglected them recently but not far from my reach.

kReN said...

I have that clear tote but am in a quandary about how to create the correct size boxes for inside the clear tote. Yours seem very uniform. What did you use?