Friday, August 30, 2013

Heeeere They Are!!!!

There was a little switch-a-roo on the dates that I was planning on shoeing you the rest of the NEW Trick or Treat Teens from SBS.....but WAIT NO MORE!!!! Here they are!!!! 
Oh, before I show them to you, I want to remind you where you can purchase these little beauties!!
Simply Betty is where you get them!! (or SBS as we fondly call them!)
They come in digi or rubber so there is something for everyone!!

Broomstick Betty

Captain Jude

Miss Batty Rio

Betty and Chris Vampy Couple

Mrs Bettle Juice

Little Ghost Jude

Skeleton Miller
I merged these 2 images onto one card-
Count Chris and Countess Betty

Fluffy Monster Christian

Meowie London

I hope you enjoyed my get on over to SBS and but them!! (you know you want to!!! lol)

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