Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Latest on my Copic portable storage.....

Ok, so I have changed my Copic storage once again.....this has been an ongoing process. I kept out growing my storage so I kept changing. Well, I now have all but 10 markers! I will be getting them very soon, though!! There are 346 in all....YIP, YIP, YIPPPPEEEEEEE!!

OK, just so you can see what I had as to where I am now.....go here...http://mrslumpys.blogspot.com/2010/05/im-crazy-for-copicscrazy-for-copics.html so you can see how I carried my markers around prior to what I have now.....
which is this:

Isn't is just WONDERFUL??????!!!!!!!!!!! I love this and will not out grow it unless they keep coming out with new colors. I have room for 22 more markers, but have 3 blender pens and I need 2 grays (W00 and W0) and the flourescent colors (8 of them)....I...so I have 336 out of 346! WOW!!
Oh, and this carrier is an ArtBin Super Satchel Double Deep...and the grid is for a flourescent light. I got that at Lowe's for just under $12. I got the carrier on sale at Joanns so I have around $33 in the entire thing....oh, the dowel rod that I have in the corners (and one in the middle) was under $3.

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Natasha said...

Hi Sharon-

I am looking to create one of these carrying cases. Do you happen to have the dimensions for the egg crate fixture on the inside?